terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2011

Gospel Therapy

The 19th and 20th centuries were characterized by the intensification of human conflicts that engendered an extremely confusing and distressing scene when compared to the scientific, philosophical, so-cial and artistic achievements over the same period. Human beings showing clearly and without embellishments their er-rors and misdeeds, seem to seek with the same commitment, solutions to the tragedies that stun them. Heirs of their own fears, they have been trying to find answers to existential dramas that advanced technology, with all its glamour and efficiency, has failed to resolve; on the contrary, it seems to enhance the escape mechanisms from a reality that displays clearly and without em-bellishments that: we bring serious moral fis-sures that become more evident every day, and they do not follow the same pace as the scientific progress. The first decade of the 21st century, soon to end, al-though chosen by the UN to be the Decade of the Culture of Peace, has proven to be one of the most violent, as it has inherited from earlier centuries the same psychosphere restrictive of high moral values and the lack of respect for Life, as manifested in all forms.
We are really living the transition so strikingly proclaimed by Jesus and the High Spirits of all time. Recurring issues, such as those proposed by Existentialism, today converge not to the fierce nihilism but to the Philosophy of Light, the Spiritist: who we are, why we exist, where we came from, where we are heading to and many other issues can be answered in simple and clear ways. The anomalies of any sort, the intimate misrule, the fragmentation of our feelings is just a painful scene of that bias that tends to send us to one direction: the need to find ourselves. Jesus of Nazareth’s Gospel, illuminated by the lights of His Doctrine, can play the role of: illuminating consciences that now lie in misunderstanding, ignorance, afflictions, renewing our hope.
Let’s therefore pursue Jesus' invitation, outlined in one of the most beautiful passages of The Gospel According to Spiritism, "Law of Love": “when humans adopt it as rule of con-duct and basis for their institutions, they will understand the true brotherhood and will reign among them peace and justice. There will be no more hatred or dissent, but only togetherness, harmony and mutual goodwill.”

Published at The Spiritist Psychological Society - The Journal of Psychological Studies -Year IV l Issue N°14 l January - February 2011

Sonia Theodoro da Silva is the author of the Spiritist Philosophical Studies Project, collaborates in Centro Espírita Nosso Lar Casas André Luiz,Fundação Espírita André Luiz, resident in São Paulo, Brazil.