sábado, 28 de julho de 2012


(Fotos: arquivo Sonia Theodoro da Silva)

Yesterday, July 27th there was the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olimpic Games. More than a competition, there is a feeling of self-overcoming and gathering among the peoples and athletes from different cultures of the five continents; sports as well as music approach people: and both were there in the opening ceremony.

The British performed pieces about the United Kingdom history (of course) appealing to Shakespeare and his union and bravery (King Lear's speech with Kenneth Branagh) but they also showed clearly that they support initiatives related to Peace and Gathering. An example was the presence of Marina Silva, a Brazilian who hold the Olympics rings together with UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon, the Argentinian condutor Daniel Barenboim and Nobel Peace Prize winners.The ex-Brazilian minister is internationally recognized by her job defending the environment. The only contradictory moment of the party was when the ones who were holding the flag representing Peace gave it to the military representatives - with a clear hidden message although explicit that what maintains "Peace" is war; the presence of the presidents’ or their delegates' bodyguards and all the military apparatus in the city can say so.

The Spiritist Philosophy, which came to us in one of the most important moment of our progress, in a country that although had the flag "Equality, Fraternity and Liberty" was almost destroyed in the first World War and soon after that (as it was only signed the armistice in 1917) highlights that this double meaning Peace and war has to be an end. Not only because it is stimulated by the small interests of the main leaders, but also because the human beings still have (the war) inside them.

A great evidence that most people choose for actions in favor of World Fraternization with the support of the Peacemakers was their presence holding the white flag of the Olympic Games, as well as the presence of the brave athletes of the countries which are in war nowadays, emphasizing Syrians and the look of their flag bearer who was at the same time happy as he was there at the party and sad because of the tragedy in his country.

The world we want depends on the respect for Life manifested in all ways. The great Masters' teachings and the greatest of all, Jesus of Nazareth bring always the folowing message: we were made by and to Love - sublime love showed in the gestures as the one we have just watched. But our small everyday gestures reflect our option to the Well; the Well we hope to see inside the others, but that few times we exercise in ourselves for good.

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Photos: Sonia Theodoro da Silva's files; Images: TV Record, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.