segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2012


General Objectives
This lesson aims to work on myth in its real meaning as the human thought’s interpretative tool of nature when building his psychological structure.

Descriptive and Reflexive Text
The myth in its purely existentialist- nihilistic concept has been responsible for the perpetuation of a stratified civilization.It is necessary to recognize that myth has been renewed today, as an instrument of propaganda and/or a subliminal language which creates psychological dependence. The human being must get rid of its meanings in order to go in search of his very essence, his spirit: "You know the truth and the truth shall make you free", said Jesus - this is the real underlying message to be worked around the context of the Spiritist Philosophy, and it is Jesus as the quintessential Being mistakenly turned into a mythological deity, disfigured by the cultural habits and customs, by the human misunderstanding and the theological process construction, who returns in Spirit and Truth contemplating humanity through the Doctrine of Light, the Spiritism, which eliminates His divine multiface and shows Him as the One who lives in essence, because His is the evolutionary model that, in the future, all the humanity will achieve. This process is worked on the lessons of the Spiritist Philosophy course, which belongs to the SPIRITIST PHILOSOPHICAL STUDIES PROJECT. (Sonia Theodoro da Silva).