quarta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2013

Extrasensory Faculty

History records the actions of those who dared to transgress existing systems, whether it was of a political, religious or academic nature. Carl Gustav Jung was one of those divine transgressors; for him, life was not restricted to the period from the cradle to the grave, “the human, rational being, was endowed with extrasensory faculties that allowed one to exceed the ordinary limits of space and time, uncovering the distant past and having premonitions of the future”. (Bulletin SEI, No. 1963/2005).

The extrasensory faculties were present in the Greek and Babylonian oracles (the most famous of all was the oracle of Apollo, in Delphi), in the Jewish world with the college of mediums chaired by Moses, and before, in Egypt, where the leader of the He-brew nation learned, with the wise and initiated of his time, to prophesy, and other extrasensory modalities which were combined to his effective mediumship. More recently, Emmanuel Swedenborg, Swedish clairvoyant, was investigated and studied by the eminent philosopher Immanuel Kant, impressed by the accuracy of the information about a fire seen by him at a distance, in a nearby town.

Although the traditional philosophy, nowadays, has little interest in the paranormal, it is reserved for Science, to prove what Spiritism has judiciously studied, through Allan Kardec and supported by facts, the greatest discovery of all times: the human Spirit survives death. Such evidence certainly entails serious consequences to the nihilistic materialism.

Sonia Theodoro da Silva
Translation SPS

(Published in sept/oct 2012: The Journal of Psychological Studies - Science, Philosophy and Religion;Journal Psychologischer Studien - Wissenschaft, Philosophie und Religion; Periódico de Estudios Psicológicos - Ciencia, Filosofía y Religión; Giornale di Studi Psicologici - Scienza, Filosofia e Religione; Journal d´études psychologiques - Science, philosophie et religion).