domingo, 7 de julho de 2013

Joy of living

The present moment hardly leads us to believe in optimism in face of the challenges that the world presents us. To consider life only by its favourable outcomes would be to desire the Utopia by Morus to our daily lives: sweet dreams, since the dream of civilization from the author was a mere neologism to define unattainable goals – it would not be reasonable for us to fixate in such world views, since the big and small dramas that take place guarantee our feet on the ground.

If in the Americas, formal religion is still an alternative form of console (or would it be escape?) for most of its inhabitants, in Europe and Asia the atheist existen-tialism opens dangerous loopholes in the mind and the hearts, creating obstacles to its spiritualization. The Middle East with its constant wars and Africa with its ethnical conflicts demonstrate in a forceful manner what is a planet of trials and expiations in infinite degrees of manifestation, as the Spirits demonstrated to Allan Kardec.

If reincarnation was accepted as a biological law and as a principle of reason and never fideistic, because to believe implies reasoning in secure foundations of understanding, beyond the concerning research (such as the ones accom-plished by Doctor Hernani G. Andrade, in Brazil, Doctor Ian Stevenson in the USA, Doctor H. Banerjee, in India) we would conclude that there is not “history repeating itself”, but that we re-peat history through successive reincarnations, in which the intellectual and moral learning hasn’t been completed (or it has paused). This would change the current paradigms and would lead us to a new society, more fair and fraternal.
Someone has already said that the present humanity, stuck to utilitarianism, refuses to grow up, remaining in the adolescent stage. No doubt that the behavioral manifestations demonstrate such idea, it is noticeable the “intellectual sedentariness”, in which everyone seeks for pleasures in unbridled and immediate consumption.

However, optimism is a permanent state of soul that generates joy of living, it is recognized that it rests in small as in great things and causes: looking others with compassionate eyes, recognizing the human as the most beautiful form of divine representation which lies latent in all of us. But also in the simple things: to observe nature, follow the development of a child, recognize the miracle of life in a pregnancy process, follow the heartbeats of our own heart, that keeps us alive, look at the waves that wind provokes in the waters of a river, stretch out, read a good book, talk, smile, dedicating life to a worthy cause…

Therefore, to live optimistically does not mean to wait infinitely for the best, but to understand that we are agents of this process for everything that surrounds us.
Living is for everyone, but to live well and well living is for the wise who understood that the reincarnation opportunity is unique. The ancient philosophers knew this. The current philosophers need to relearn with those. And Spiritism assure us that, if today we are focused on serious commitments, nothing prevents us to make of them the necessary means for achieving our own happiness, which is to Live.

Sonia Theodoro da Silva
 Columnist,  The Journal of Psychological Studies, The Spiritist Psychological Society