sábado, 9 de julho de 2016



In modern times, God is "out of fashion": in the academia, God is regarded as an anthropological phenomenon, creation of men, fragile and in need of support and protection; since the European existentialist movement from Kierkegaard, its apex with Nietzsche through his Zarathustra character, "God is dead", the god of the cross did not save himself, according to the philosopher.

The Nietzschenian thought, however, is one of the effects and not the cause of the current human drama, for much of this responsibility fell to religions, which were unable to accept God in Spirit and truth, Jesus of Nazareth, as its greatest representative among us, they were unable to present him and disclose him or to experience him as such because they were lost in mysticism, in the reconstructed myths and dissensions and venality.     

It is sad to see the current consequences of distortion - but Spiritism brought Jesus and God back to the hearts and reason, as it has decoded His message and fulfilled his promise in the Gospel of John.     

Is God in everything? Yes, God is in Nature and in the beings He created, and today, when human afflictions reach heights, we can say with Jesus: Do not let your heart be troubled, believe in God, believe also in Me...     

Jesus fulfilled his promise, returned in Spiritism, and it is with him that we will go through this phase. Therefore let us trust. 

(Published in The Journal of Spiritist Psychological Studies, Mar/Apr 2016)    

 Sonia Theodoro da Silva
 Bachelor in Philosophy