quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011

Communication with the dead

With the rise of Spiritism, codified by Allan Kardec, the most important moment of the planetary life was launched: the "dead" demystified death! Since then, they never ceased to communicate, revealing details of their immortal lives when incarnated and of life after death, without interruption; we would no longer grieve at the loss of loved ones, no longer would we fear to die because in fact to die would mean to return home. And, most importantly, they corroborated the most important event to Jesus' teachings - his own resurrection, explained in the most natural manner possible, based on the divine natural laws, giving evidence to His greatest lesson: life goes on in other dimensions. Not that this was unknown; see Ernesto Bozzano's research in Primitive People and Supernormal Manifestation, and The Spirit and the Time, by José Herculano Pires, based on John Murphy's The Origins and History of Religions, which we had the satisfaction to translate into English some years ago.
In Plato (Ion and Timaeus), we find the philosopher approaching the mediumship subject matter; in Greece, the prophetic mediumship flourished in the great Oracle at Delphi; the classical antiquity reminds us of times when communication between the living and the dead happened consistently and uninterrupted. The Old and New Testa-ment are books produced via the mediumship, in which the guiding Spirits of the communities listed therewith are present at all essential times. Mediumship is present at the transfiguration of Jesus on the Mount Tabor, when Elijah and Moses manifested themselves to the surprised eyes of Peter, John and James (Luke 9: 28).
With Spiritism, is Jesus of Nazareth who comes back to talk to us, demystified, full and grand in His mission to lead humanity to its fullness. It is the true religiosity that resurges to our hearts eager for peace, and to our reason as an avid faith - a faith that questions, that seeks, that finds, that reaches plenitude.
(Sonia Theodoro da Silva - Published in The Journal of Psychological Studies,Year IV l Issue N°17)