quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011

The Dawn of Regeneration

Referring to the concept of Regeneration, amongst numerous definitions, we chose two, the first, as the restoration of what was destroyed. The second, that which is also in tune with the philosophical-spiritist aspect, which is figuratively the moral reform. Let us explain: concerning the first definition, to restore what was destroyed, we re-
fer to restoring the intellectual and conscientious values obstructed by an avalanche of new concepts and ways of life based on the existential-nihilist movements which are summarized in the following statement: live today because there is no tomorrow.
The Spiritist Philosophy, contained in The Spirit´s Book brings up, as a synthesis, the actual values indicated above, giving the human being the responsibility for one’s actions and revealing to oneself, based on science, that life is immortal, and that as heirs of time, we bring weights from the past that need revision today so that, freed, we can write a better future. The second concept, reviewed by the scope of the spiritist thought, leads us to the work of revision of our moral posture before the events that occur in our personal day-to-day lives and that calls us to make decisions, as well as in social events, as members that we are of the community of incarnated Spirits. The current time, as defined by Allan Kardec in “Genesis” is one of a battle of ideas: “Spiritism does not create social renewal: it is the hu-manity’s maturity that will make this renewal a necessity”.
What we are seeing in the world today, is exactly this process, which we conventionally label as “transition”; however, much more than conventions, the Human Being claims for the Divine Being, latent, and that by virtue of incisive external stimuli is projecting oneself to the full Life, like it was predicted by the Spirits to Kardec. Undoubtedly, the tragedies, the cataclysms, the socio-economic crises, the social unrest, do not come from nowhere. All of these appear at the right time for a revision of values, for the regeneration of our Spirits.
(Sonia Theodoro da Silva - published in The Journal of Psychological Studies,Year V l Issue N° 20)