sábado, 3 de setembro de 2011

Sex and Evolution

The educator José Herculano Pires thus define the Spirit’s experiences in the process of evolution: “Every experience represents an acquisition to the Spirit, which will become integrated on its cognitive functions in the form of intuition categories. While the unconscious residue does not disappear, the overcome experience can be reactivated by the imprudence and abuse”. (PIRES, J.H. Pesquisa sobre o amor, Paidéia, 1983). The lucid Kardec’s follower recognizes that the mistakes and crimes committed in previous existences can resurge in the form of obsessive or even aggres-sive behavior if they are not systematically and constantly worked throughout an entire existence, in order to develop latent values and virtues. “Sexuality”, he continues, “is a form of manifestation of love. In the human being, however, the love’s manifestation covers all its vital, existential and psycho-affective structure”. On the vital level it is sensation, bringing peripheral expressions, displacing them to the passion, which is not the exaltation of love but of sensuality. The crimes of love have nothing to do with Love; they are fed by these expres-sions and end up animalizing the human being in the vile expression of its deepest indignity.
Sexuality, as a manifestation of affection when accompanied by Love, fulfills the human being. Without love, sexuality is a mere animal impulse, degradation of the generative functions, whose ultimate goal is the incarnation of the Being. “In the evolved couples the sexual act is not merely sensorial pleasure. The sensorial pleasure is only a spark of the vital fire which triggers the whole process of human creation. (…) Only the meanness of the rabble, of the populace incapable of un-derstanding the greatness of a creative act could have made of sexuality a matter of scandal, malice and sin”.
We are living the evolutionary moment of sensorial unruliness, activated by the allegedly libertarian of woman world movements. The woman, subjugated to man’s violence during centuries and animated by the inferiority feeling brought by religions, has shifted to the other end of the rope. The woman does not recognizes herself as a Being that brings with it the possibility to love and to generate lives, but as that who should dispute the same baseline of excesses practiced by man. A media tool to sell male products, the woman continues to be a slave of her own image, deluded by the advertising exposure.
When Jesus freed the adulterous woman and Magdalene, He recognized their immense latent power of Love but out of focus and unbalanced. The first woman may have remade her paths. Mag-dalene, the divine sinner, found herself and loved Humanity to whom she dedicated the rest of her days, leaving an eloquent message of redemption through Love.
Men and women of the twenty-first century. We were created for the development of the divine potentialities that silently lie in the depths of our being. It is time to make them flourish. It is time to place them on top of the bushel, as Jesus has done.Published on The Journal of Psychological Studies, September, October 2011 of The Spiritist Psychological Society, London, England. See this article also in André Luiz Spiritist Foundation: http://www.feal.com.br/artigo.php?car_id=60&col_id=22&t=Evolucao-e-Sexo