segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

What is the meaning of Spiritist Philosophy? 4th. Part

(Photo: Nietzsche and his mother)

"God is dead," Nietzsche said once. The god presented by the religions is dead. He died for lack of mercy and love to the human being. He died asphyxiated after falling into the millions of coins generated from the criminal money raising from the naivety and lack of knowledge. He died in each ritual of empty answers, which perpetuates the belief that the crucifixion is our freedom (!?).
He died in each mutilated or killed being by lost bullets or bombs strapped to the heart of those who have sought Him in despair. He died in each fallen tree, in every polluted river in the super-heating of the air we breathe. He died yet by the lack of kindness, cordiality and mutual respect among those who call themselves his followers.Prof. Herculano Pires used the phrase "agony of religions" (Pires, JH), to better define the process of transmutation of ostentation for internalization. Pageantry of faith to affirm himself. To perpetuate the olympic representation of human god on Earth, in the figure of those who insist on represent Him.