segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

What is the meaning of Spiritist Philosophy? 5th. Part

(Jesus says: FOLLOW ME !)

God has no representatives. He has children and the biggest one was disfigured by the archetypal human psyche, making of his actions and projections of a mythological hero, the son of a god with a mortal woman, and therefore bearer of miraculous virtues, a mix of hero-martyr-warrior who came to let us free from Evil, the archetypal figure of the fallen angel who insists on tormenting human beings with diseases and plagues, which arises between us, one of the most serious moments of our evolution. Jesus reborn in the Spiritist Doctrine, just as simple as he came in person in the manger of light. Jesus became a complete Being, He is one with the Father because He identifies Himself with His laws, in His own dilated consciousness by accepting Love because it is fully understood.
In the format of Philosophy, Spiritism synthesizes the human efforts in searching the Self, illustrated by the image of The Thinker. As Philosophy, it analyses the elements that accomplish the existence of the human being in the world, however, adding a great journey that awaits him on the timeline, out of this world too.
The human being is – he/she could never “not to be”. Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Sartre’s existentialism, served as a pulsing red light, as if to say: wake up! The beauvoirian anguish in the face of potential losses of her intellectual treasures as a clear demand of death, remains in the hearts of mothers and fathers who have lost their teens because of drugs, alcohol, crime, or sexuality in pathological derangement.
The hopelessness generated by the "scandal" has been mitigated by the Philosophy of the High Spirits; Socrates came first, with his loving experience with ethics-moral founded on the logic and undeniable truth. Plato, with the reality of the world of the ideas that lay covered up at the bottom of the cave. Aristotle, with the the world of forms immediacy to sketch out the persona and his/her achievements.
The Spiritist Philosophy is not a mere instrument for lucubration. Not even the ostentation before the human and worldly trophies. It is rather an alternative, an invitation (for now) to change the current system of thinking. The Spiritist Philosophy provides an universe of self-discovery, however, this process requires the recognition of God's presence in us through His laws, which guide our logic, our development, our evolution, our lovingness. The Moral Laws didactically determined by the Spirits to Kardec, represent part of the process of awareness and recognition of the divine into ourselves.
Non-being is the raving mentioned above, non-being composes the nasty feelings that isolate us from each other: jealousy, pride, arrogance. These feelings are destructive forces which makes the being to stagnate in his/her existence and show the need to suffer in order to awake. Such journey is not over. Jesus’ example remains as a subliminal image-message to permeate our existential moment. His appeal is still beating in the human hearts. The reading of this call has been wrongly decoded. But he is still there. And when the being gets saturated for not being, he will open his/her heart and mind for the banquet - not a platonic one, as a representation of the sensitive, but the intelligible, since it is full of joy, hope and identification with God.