segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

What is the meaning of Spiritist Philosophy? 3rd. Part


The "predictions" of great tragedies to happen, through movies and television have shown, metaphorically, this current drama: human being, lost in his inner dramas wants to destroy himself, destroying the source of his own existence - the planet he lives on.Other authors whose works are on the screens, have shown human senses (Babel, Essay on blindness), to dive deep into their emotions, throught the sensitive world, seeking to bring out their personal tragedies and throwing them, as they were projections of himself, in a cathartic movement in search of identification.
In 25 centuries of philosophy, we have innumerable contradictory doctrines. None of the western thinkers have agreed among themselves with their proposals. There is a deep dissatisfaction generated by the lack of agreement. The ultimate goal should be to accomplish at least with some aspects of philosophy, but who could get it until now? We praise those who tried. Their efforts have immortalized the history of the human spirit in its infinite journey through self-knowledge. Even those, who got lost in the emptiness of themselves. So they did, because of the absolute necessity of identifying with each other, and everyone with God.